Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ciao again Lookbook! Long time no see...

Finally! I could upload a new look for my Lookbook... It has been a long time since my hectic moments at Marangoni, exam week, my parents was came to Milan, and etc.. huaaaaaa...  so I can't update my lookbook... But finally today I could at least uploaded one look.. hahaha.. And this is my look.. :P

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Milan at night!

Last Monday I accompanied Nian to look around Milan at night.. Nian is one of my classmate when I took an Italian language course in Jakarta. She was came to Milan to visit me before she must went to Siena to study more Italian language.. She stayed in my apartments for 3 days..

Before went to the Duomo and Galeria Vittorio Emmanuelle, I took her to "Hong Kong" cucina di Cinese. It's the one of the best Chinese food in Milan that I know so far... We ordered 2 white rice, 3 different kind of dishes and 1 liter of water... Nian was really satisfied with the food! Thank God she love the food.. But... we ordered too much dishes so we felt like our stomach gonna burst after we ate... hehehe

So we decided to walk around Duomo.. I told Nian that Duomo is really beautiful at night because the light will shine inside the Duomo and makes the mosaic window shine beautifully. She was really conscious to see it.. And luckily that Monday night the Duomo's light was on. She was very happy because on the day before we pass Duomo at night and the Duomo's lights was off.. She took a few pictures of Duomo and she was really happy.. After that, we pass along the Galeria Vittorio Emanuelle and we took pictures there... And I also took a pic for my lookbook :P

I wore the H&M stripes shirt, Red vintage pants, black tights, Sottosopra flats, Charles & Keith olive bag, and mettalic black necklace.. It's so comfy to wear those together.. It suits with the 'not too cold' weather in Milan these days...

Pesce con salsa agro-dolce
Vitello con salsa piccante
Spaghetti brodo con Manzo
Let's eat!!!!
The beautiful Duomo at night
Nian in action!

Nian and me
Duomo with the lights ON! Superb!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Matrioscas fever!!

What is Matrioscas?? It is a doll, but it's not similar to Barbie doll.. "It's a doll from Russia" <-- that's the only definition I've got from my Russian friend, Anastasia. Anastasia is one of my classmate in Master Fashion Product Management.. She'd just return from Russia, her country.. and she brought me a Matrioscas!! Super nice!!! Not only for me but also for all of my classmates and the teacher.. Thank you dear.. I really like it!!

The interesting part about Matrioscas is the doll have babies... what?? yesss!! u could find the babies inside the doll.. so many babies, it getting more tiny when u keep open the doll... It reminds me about opening a secret Christmas presents from my friend when I was 6 year old.. It is hand made doll, so the face of every doll is different, depends on the craftsmen..

FYI, Anastasia gave us last Friday during the lesson!! The class became really noisy and full of smile and laugh.. everybody was busy with their Matrioscas.. It was during Stefano Sorci's lesson.. He was listening to Sharon's fabric analysis presentation when Anastasia started to give us the Matrioscas.. Did the teacher got angry? NO! hahaha... He's one of our favorite teacher.. He started to make a funny face and laugh while opening the Matrioscas... hahahaha... We opened all of our babies Matrioscas and took a picture of them.. It was really unpredictable and fun activity!!! Thanks again for the gift Anastasia! :)))

My Matrioscas from Anastasia.. When u see, it looks like a usual handmade doll, but it's not....
When u open it,the Matrioscas have babies!!! So cute!!! :)
All of my classmates played with their Matrioscas and done the photoshoot!! :P

This is the result of our first Matrioscas photo shoot!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

I've just joined the BlogLovin! :)

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Upsidedown Mood!

My look below is describe my mood this week! Sottosopra umore!!! yesssss! upsidedown! sometimes can be bright as yellow, so-so as gray, or even can turn black mood!

But overall I love this week! I always amazed about how God makes everything going well, every worst situation has change...  I feel that His favor never left me behind... His favor makes me strong, stand still and leading me to be a better person... And today's lesson at class about trend makes me see the trend in different point of view... I don't know but it makes me more conscious about God and His will in my life.. I can't imagine how my world would be if I don't believe in Him... Today I feel so gracious... Thank God for making me more and more love You each day!! :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy 20th birthday Maria!!! :)

This is what I wore to Maria's 20th birthday party on las Sunday.. What a nice weather on that day... I wore purple shirt with floral scarves and tiny yellow belt. I wore my new floral tights from H&M also and combined it with my suede creme boots.. I really love those tights!!! hehehe..


I went to California Bakery with Krista & Maria to celebrate Maria's birthday... They offer good 'American style' foods there. I ordered Up town plate (consist of pancake salmon with eggs and french fries.. It was a really nice brunch! love it!!! Once again, happy birthday Maria!!! :)))

Me, Krista and Maria

Maria's Brunch for her birthday --> The East Side Plate.. nyummyy :P

Krista's brunch!! I forgot the name! but it seems so healthy because of the wheat grain bread..
Last but not least...... it's mine!!! The Uptown Plate!! Juicy salmon! Special boiled eggs! Luv it!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All for You, all from You!!

Yesterday night was an unforgettable moment with God... I just realized that everything that he Has done for me are sooo awesome and great... I was sitting in front of my Macbook.. browsing on the internet... and listened to iTunes.. And then the music "Be glorified" by True Worshippers played... I started to cry and realized how great our God is... Yesterday was the first time I felt that deep, calm God's presence since I've been living in Milan...

Oh and the picture below was my look on last Saturday when I was shopping with Krista and Auntie Yani... I wore just simple scallop polkadot top and red ankle length pants.. Adorned with black pearl necklace and red leather DKNY watch... And my pose was looked to someone above me.. a lovingkind person with an everlasting love.. Yes He is.. my Jesus, my saviour, my King, my redeemer, my God, my life...

Love you God! :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

all i need to do is.. smile! :)

This look was taken almost a month ago.. I wore it to Famel's 22nd birthday party at Cafe 5th Avenue, Grand Indonesia. I went there with my boyfriend, Daniel. It's Monday night, and I felt a little bit tired, but I still came because it was the last time I met her for this year, because she had to go back to China...

It was fun! I enjoyed the food and everything there.. I wore white dress with tiny brown belt, oversize Mulberry bag, snakeskin bangles, wooden necklace and Marie Claire heels.. huaaaa... I'm gonna miss her! :)
This is me with the birthday girl! Famel!! Miss youuuu!!!
All of the guests in Famel's birthday!! :))
The superb delicious ribs!!! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

please give me another rainbow!! :)

Today me and Krista went to Intesa San Paolo Bank to asked some information about my account.. And then after that we were going to the ATM point at Duomo Metro Station with Krista because she wants to make a metro card..

After that we visited the inside of Duomo. After almost 2 weeks in Milan finally we saw the inside of Duomo.. hahahahaha... It's beautiful.. but, for me it's not that special because I've already been to several places like that in Israel and FYI I've been to Duomo 17 years ago and I still remember it! :P

We take some photos there. And what I like the most about Duomo is the glass mosaic windows that reflect many interesting colors.. It's so colorful, nice and artistic.. I do love bright colors so you know why I love that part!

So, as usual... I wore a bright colors again! You know why I do love bright colors? It's because bright colors always cheer me up! No matter how hard the day, no matter what happen, it magically changes my mood everytime I see the bright colors.. hahahaha.. well, back to the topic... I mixed 3 bright colors and it created a nice color palette: violet, orange and tosca.. And I added the black leggings, tank tops and necklace... I love it!

In my opinion, world without colors seems so boring and dull.. So I thank God that makes me see the beauty of the world with colors... It's so wonderful! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Waiting for autumn to come...

Today I spent a lot of my time at home.. Cook, clean my rooms, wash my clothes, etc.. I'm so happy and thakful for the nice new apartment... It's only by God's grace that I could have this cozy, nice, beautiful, very strategic apartment just one day before the day I should leave the hotel... I was thinking about to extend 2 or 3 more days at the hotel until I found the apartment, but God already give the best apartment for me and Krista... I'm extremely blessed!

Nice and clear weather today in Milan. My stomach seems not good enough to received the tap water.. so I go to the supermarket, near from my apartment to buy mineral waters... :P  A little bit cold this morning, but the sun still shines so bright, so I wore the black cardi, with gray tank top, zebra print scarf, Zara black skinny jeans and also Hermes sunglasses.. This photo was taken by Krista at the bench in front of my apartment... Thankyouuu Kristaa!! :D

Monday, September 19, 2011

The weather can't stop my look today! :D

This morning was raining, windy and cold in Milan.. But I already had a plan to wear my yellow mustard shorts that I brought from Jakarta.. My roomate said that today would be cold because of rain this morning... But for the sake of fashion I still wore the yellow shorts, combined with pink Uniqlo sleeveless shirt, stradivarius pink cardi and pink scarf...

I always think of what should I wear for tomorrow... That becomes my habit. I must have a spare time just to think about what should I wear... It can't be in a rush, or a few minutes.. I usually think a days before, or it could be a few hours before I go somewhere. I don't know why, I guess it because i'm perfectionist.. I want everything under control or in the right order... It's funny but I still doin' that thing.. :P

So, today I walked around Milan with the shorts... The people in the Metro can't stop stared at me and were talking about my look today... and I don't care.. hahaha.. For me, fashion is the way to express your mood, feelings or even what you believe in...

I feel so lively and colorful today.. No matter what the weather is... By what I wore today, it also make a statement that In every season, in every weather, I still rejoice and happy in the Lord!

"In what season are you? Whether a time of joy or sadness, each season should motivate us to seek the Lord and trust Him"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

it's too perfect to be true..

Tak ada kata yang sanggup melukiskan
Besarnya cinta yang Kau beri
Tak ada karya yang mampu mengukirkan indahnya cinta yang kurasa
Tak ingin ku jauh dariMu

Terlalu sempurna sgala pengorbananMu
DarahMu tercurah selamatkaku
Terlalu sempurna segala perbuatanMu
Masa depan penuh harapan telah Kau sediakan bagiku

("Terlalu Sempurna" by Patmos)

I've been singing the song above over and over again since last week. I love it very much! It's lyrics strengthen me and makes me realized that His love is endless and unconditional..

Well actually I'm really sad this evening.. i'm really dissapointed.. I can't imagine why they did that to me.. and not only me, they also did that to the people that i love.. I love them too... Much more than any other.. but why they always made me sad everytime I ask them for a favor, or everytime I want something..  why? why, why and why?? I'm asking those question in my mind...

But, I don't wanna tell too much about them.. Complaining can't solve it... Beside that, I can't do anything to change them... Only God can change people.. But i don't ask God to change them, I want God to change me first... change my point of view, change my perception about them... Maybe I'm wrong.. maybe there's a thing that I don't know why they always do that...

And for that problems, God gave me the solutions.. 1. change my focus of prayer (change me first O God), 2. my God is rich! He is actually my real provider, not them! so He will provide everything!! He has everything that I need... God will give what I need... 3. Rejoice in the Lord! this is the antidote of every problems... When you start to rejoice in the Lord and think about His love more than your problem.. you;ll have peace and joy!! and also you'll have wisdom from above to solve every problem.. 4. Be silent and let God do His part.. just surrender and let His will be done...

Thank God for everything... I'm so relieved and happy now... and for you who read this.. whatever your problem is.. i don't know how big, how hard, how hurt it is... Just lay it upon God's feet... He knows what the best for you and He will never ever late to answer your prayer.... :)

ciao ciao Duomo!

The Chief Scout..

I don't know where was this idea came from.. i just tried to mix and match my wardrobe and i've just realized that i was dressed up like a scout.. and i wore this look to the church last Wednesday.. :P

Wheat between the reeds..

This picture was taken over a year ago.. Taken by Hana, my besties.. and i love it a lot!! thanks Hana! I wore Issac Mizahri little black dress, black tights, yellow knitted cardigans, and black patent TODS for the shoes.. FYI, this photo was in Astri's camera, me and Hana have to wait about a year to get the photos from her... we don't know why... oh my.... hahahahaha.. but at least finally we got the photos.. :)

ready... set.. GO!

Red, Yellow and Green.. Inspired from the traffic light! :P

Everywhere I Go I See YOU!

The song of Michael W. Smith --> "I See You" have been playing in my head over and over again.. what a beautiful song!! :)

All the sweet things that I should think about.

Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies. (Philippians 4:8) The scripture above makes me wanna wear something colorful! :D

Ocha Bella

This is what I wore when I had a dinner with my friends at Ocha Bella.. :))

Eeniee Meanie Minnie Mouse!

i was thinking of Minnie Mouse, so I decided to go with this look! :P


"If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?" (Matthew 6:30) i have no worries about what people think about me and my looks... i do love bright colors and i'm goona wear it anyway! yeayy! :D

tidal wave

I forget the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity.. Cause it came down like a tidal wave and sorrow swept over me. Then I was given grace and love.. I was blind but now I can see. Cause I've found a new hope from above and courage swept over me.. :) I love this part of Owl City lyrics and it makes me dressed up like this.. :)

Nerdy Bee!

feelin' like a nerdy bee with those complementary colors.. xP

proud to be an Indonesian :)

i just realized how i love my country and proud to be an Indonesian, no matter what.. :)


i think about what Jane would wear today if she's going to the jungle?? :D

mustard and tomato sauce..

inspired from McDonalds.. :P

bumble bee.. :)

bright as a bumble bee :)

hello summer! :)

i feel more colorful in this summer!! :D

reflection of red and blue

journey to Nami Island.. :)


i feel so colorful on the red carpet.. :)

look boooook-ing :)

today i'm wearing Jezzilla! :)

hype hype this electromaqnifique look.. :D